Signature - Synchronicity

Fiona Joy - Signature - Synchronicity - Cover Image

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Produced by: Will Ackerman, Tom Eaton, James Englund
Mixed by: Tom Eaton
Recorded at Imaginary Road Studios (Vermont, USA) and Crash Symphony Productions (Sydney Australia); Piano: Stuart & Sons, Australian made 97 key Huon Pine Concert Grand
Cover painting: Leanne Prussing
Artwork graphics: Borbala Bodonyi

All songs written by Fiona Joy except: Theme in From the Mist by Garry Heaney
*All piano, keyboard & solo vocals by Fiona Joy

Borbala Bodonyi: vocal layers (1,2,5,7) - Eugene Friesen: cello - Fiona Joy: solo vocal (2,4,6,7); vocal layers (1,5) - James Englund: additional percussion (6,7) - Jeff Haynes: percussion (1,6,7,9) - Jeff Oster: flugelhorn - Marc Shulman: electric guitar (7,9,10) - Nick Hawkins: beat-box - Noah Wilding: vocal layers (5) - Paul Jarman: Irish whistle; tarogato - Premik Russell Tubbs: EWI (electric wind instrument) - Rebecca Daniel: violin; soprano vocal layers (5) Tom Eaton: additional percussion (3,6); keyboard pads (1,3); NS bass (3,5); electric and bass guitars - Tony Levin: NS bass (2,6,10); electric bass (7) - Will Ackerman: acoustic guitar